It is time to show off the girls again!

Last week I reported that one of my Buff Orpington chickens has started laying!  I am thrilled, but she is DETERMINED to lay on the floor in the corner of the coop.

I decided to put a crate (a temporary nest) in a chair over the spot where she liked to lay her eggs.  It made sense to me!  I had a plan and she was going to comply!

Well, Buffy decided to go UNDER the chair and continued to lay in the same spot.  Hmph.

I love her anyway.  I mean, who wouldn’t love this ball of fluffiness?


To outsmart the chicken (ok, there is something wrong with that statement) I decided to put the crate on the floor so she couldn’t lay in that spot.  What did she do?  She MOVED the crate and I found the egg behind it on the floor.  Sigh.

So, what is a woman to do?  I had to teach these hens how to be like the big girls and lay in the nests!  I decided to take the chance of bringing in two of my Rhode Island Red hens, the pros!

Watch out girls, there is a NEW sheriff in town!


Everyone seemed to get along just fine.  Here they are checking out the new apartment.  The Rhode Island Reds are accustomed to the pent house — so they are slumming it a bit.   I bet she is saying, “Hey food lady, why am I locked in this strange place with these weird looking chickens?”


My good-lookin’ husband decided to come out and see what I was doing.  He thinks I am nuts over these chickens, but I’m just a good Mommy, that’s all.  (Ignore the sheet of plywood and overturned stand in the background.  Ahem.)


I pray my plan works and I start seeing some eggs in the laying nests.  Surely they will learn from the two experienced hens.  Right?


I’ll keep you posted on our egg laying experiment~  Yes, I love these girls!

Say, “Bye bye” Buffy!


Thanks for taking the time to keep up with my girls!

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Have a super blessed day!