I am so excited to have stumbled upon a great blog hop that is ALL about sharing some chicken love!

Ha, a face only a mother could love — I know.  Too bad chickens can’t smile.  She really was happy to see me — I’m sure of it!

Welcome to my place!  Come on in!

I have some sweet tea for you on the sun porch.  Have a seat and enjoy some finger sandwiches …

tea sandwiches

Are you pleasantly full?  Great!  Let’s take a walk around the farm.

I’m thrilled to introduce you to my girls and Oscar!   The chicken coops are this way.

Watch your step.

Early last spring we purchased 25 Rhode Island Red hens and a frisky Rhode Island rooster named Oscar.

Here is one of the ladies taking a stroll along the row of nests:

Our Rhode Island Reds are great layers. We gather nearly two dozen eggs a day!

  Aren’t they beautiful?

Here is the coop where the Red’s live~

Dinner time~

Bath time … “dust” bath that is …  You are looking at one happy chicken!  They love taking dust baths!

Here is the big “man” on campus:  OSCAR

They have a huge coop which gives them a lot of leg room, but I wanted them to have EVEN MORE.  What’s a gal to do?   I had a runner built to connect their coop to a second big area where they can forage during the day.

Here they are trying out their new runner.


Last month we decided to get some chicks.   We purchased 4 chicks that were a week old and 2 chicks that were 6 weeks old.   We now have two Silver-Laced Wyondottes, two Ameraucanas (or you may spell Americanas) and two Buff Orpingtons.  That gives us a total of 32 chickens.

Here is our Ameraucana named Alice as a baby chick (she is 6 weeks old now).

Here is the other Ameraucana named Connie.  She was taking a nap on my daughter’s neck.  So cute!

The Ameracaunas will look something like this when they grow up:

This is Dot, one of our Silver-Laced Wyondottes~

That cute little gray chick will look like THIS when she matures.  I can’t wait!

Here is one of my beautiful Buff Orpingtons. Just in case you have never had the pleasure of being around a Buff, but they are like the Labrador of chicken breeds.   They are docile and love to rest in your lap.  So precious!  This is “Buffy” resting her head on my arm.

Buffy sleeping at 9 weeks old.

When she matures, she will look like this:

Now for the exciting part!  I had to find a suitable coop for the newest members of our flock.  I couldn’t put them together with my Reds, so guess what I did!  I resuscitated my husband’s grandmother’s old chicken coop!  Yes I did!

What do you think?

The old chicken crate belonged to my grandparents.  Yes, I decorated the coop!


I know the roosting poles look “tight” but we made it for the young chicks.  We will remove some rungs as they get bigger.

I found this old frame and placed this vintage looking tin within it.  Cute, eh?  (My husband always says, “Beth, they are JUST CHICKENS!”)

My husband thinks I’m over the top (ha), but my girls needed some shabby chic decorations didn’t they?  My hubby (known as “Boaz” on my blog) acts like he doesn’t like these chickens, but I saw him treating them with scratch two days in a row.  Yep!  Caught him red handed!

This is a picture of the newest members of our flock adjusting to their new home.

Here I am with Buffy at 10 weeks old.  It is too early to tell, but I think she may be my favorite.

 Next time you visit, these chicks will be much bigger!

If you need some eggs — you’ll find them in the fridge.  Oh yeah – and if you ever have the idea to use pine shavings in your coop to keep your chicken’s feet nice and clean — see what can happen HERE.

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(Photo credit: silver-laced Wyondotte, Buff Orpington, sweet tea, finger sandwiches.)