Yes, losing 239 pounds is like losing a person (or two small people).

Not many of us have experienced weight loss like this, but Danny Cahill from The Biggest Loser did.   Along with The Biggest Loser fans, I watched Danny and the other contestants from day one.  I cringed when they endured crazy workout routines and challenges as if I was struggling with them.   Perhaps I do struggle along with them in my own way.   I too have struggled with my weight throughout my adult life.

But even though weight was a big issue in Danny’s life, there was much more going on behind the scenes!   We viewers didn’t know that he struggled with addictions and gambling.   In addition to a self-destructive lifestyle, his marriage was in crisis.

Danny referred to his time on The Biggest Loser as divine intervention.

I don’t know about you, but I am interested in hearing his testimony!  He is coming to a church here in North Carolina on January 13th.   Please spread the word and come meet Danny at King’s Park International Church in Durham, NC.

Be sure to tell your friends about it!

I plan to attend!  Maybe I can see you there!

It is NOT about weight loss-
It’s about overcoming everything that pulls you away from God!
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If you can’t make it, you may be interested in his book:  The Incredible Untold Story of Danny & Darci Cahill